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Online Microsoft Visio Courses

Upgrade your Microsoft Visio skills with ZandaX

Great online video tutorials for users of Microsoft Visio

Microsoft Visio Introduction
Microsoft Visio Advanced

Use Visio to Create Diagrams for Any Application

Microsoft Visio is a high-end but easy-to-use application that you can use to create a multitude of types of diagrams for integration or stand-alone use.

Whether you're new to the software, or just want to improve your existing skills, our two courses will show you how to get the most out of Visio.

Our Introduction course shows you how to work with Shapes, Stencils, Text and Objects; to create flowcharts, process diagrams and organization charts. In the Advanced course, you'll move on to customizing Shapes and Stencils, designing Styles and Templates, creating Floor Plans and automating Visio tasks.

After you've completed our courses, your new skills will enable you to transform complex processes into easily-understood visuals in the shortest possible time.

CPD accredited courses

CPD certified courses

The CPD mark of approval means that not only have our courses been rigorously assessed in terms of content and quality, but they come with a FREE CPD Certification certificate for you to keep.

Microsoft Visio Introduction

A Fantastic Grounding in Using Microsoft Visio

Microsoft Visio is probably the most popular application for creating diagrams for use in flowcharts, decision diagrams, plans and network schemes. It doesn't only make these jobs easier, but it greatly improves the quality of what you produce.

Our course starts from the beginning, by introducing Visio to you, then covering the four building bricks of all Visio diagrams: shapes, stencils, text and objects.

We show you how to finish your diagrams, and how to create three of the most popular types of diagrams: flowcharts, process diagrams and organization charts.

You then will have a solid base for using Visio to create high quality diagrams that enhance your documents and presentations.

Microsoft Visio Advanced

Increase Your Speed and Competency When Using Visio

If you want to produce graphics consistently and often, you need our Advanced course!

We start by showing you how to customize shapes and stencils, then how to create styles and templates, and save lots of time with your own library for future use. We then show you how to create a floor plan: a great use of Visio.

The second half of the course looks at how to use Visio with other packages, both importing data (like names in an organization chart) and exporting in different formats. We also show you how to use Macros to save incredible amounts of time.

When you have completed this course, you can be secure that whenever you need to design graphics using Visio, you'll have all bases covered!

How Our Microsoft Visio Courses Will Benefit You

Become a Visio Master

If you want to create diagrams for use in your documents or presentations, DTP packages aren't only too complicated, but they're not really set up to do the job anyway.

Microsoft Visio fills that gap, and enables you to create visuals quickly and easily, making even complex information much easier to understand.

In our two courses, you'll learn how to use the software to create all sorts of output, from basic shapes and diagrams through to flow charts, floor plans, organization charts ... and much more besides.

You have total flexibility ... you can work through all the course content so you have a thorough knowledge from start to finish. Or treat the content as your "library" - to refer to and learn as you need.

Either way, you'l find all our courses easy to watch and available 24/7 to upgrade your skills.

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