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About ZandaX

Easy-to-follow online courses to enhance your skills and knowledge

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Who Are We?

At ZandaX we're in business to help you to change your life!

Everyone who wants a better life needs to work at it, and a huge part of that is to learn - whether it's improving your skills, or your understanding, of the things you're involved in.

Here's where the ZandaX site can help you:

  • Training courses that will boost your knowledge and ability in the fastest time
  • Online tests to assess your competencies in key personal areas
  • Personal Development blog with articles that will help you to grow as a person
  • Business blog, to give you an insight into business and career-related issues
  • Leadership & Management blog, to help you improve skills, manage staff and overcome problems

What makes us DIFFERENT?

Doesn't everyone claim to provide the best service, a huge range of courses, crazy low prices ... and much more besides?

Well, these are "cookie-cutter" ideas - so generic as to be meaningless - so here are some specifics on what marks us out as different - and better.


Do the quality of courses often not match up to what you expected?

Every ZandaX course starts with extensive research, then developed by training specialists with real-life experience in the role.
And, just so you know, no AI tools are used in creating our courses!

Where we provide partner courses, they are subjected to the highest level of assessment.


Don't a lot of courses take way too long to get to the point?
Aren't they often too thin on useful content?

Well, we recognize that your time is valuable, and you want to learn, not listen to woffle...
So our courses are packed with content that maximizes what you learn, in the shortest possible time.
You'll be amazed at how much we cover!


Do you want more from you course than to just look at a video as it plays?
Do you feel that you want to ... well, participate more?

We know that to learn you need to take part!
Our courses use workbooks, practice exercises, on-screen content and tests to reinforce our videos and increase your level of engagement.
(Check each course to see what it contains.)


Do you often find that many providers offer low prices, only to discover it's a lead-in to courses at a higher price?

We just hate that! Our motto is What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG), so there are no hidden surprises.
Our pricing is always clear to see, with ways to get even more from your budget with multi-packs of courses and periodic special offers.


Aren't course contents often generalized and maybe unclear, so you don't always get what you want?

Every course we offer has its own website page, with full listings of modules, lessons and topics.
And a description of who the course is for, and what you'll get from it.
Most have a downloadable brochure so you can peruse at length, in your own time.


Don't many providers bamboozle you with how many courses they offer?
Aren't some of them just aggregators of other people's courses?

We don't offer thousands of courses - and never will. Our offering is focused on high-quality courses on subjects that people want.
Check out our Quick Course Finder and our bespoke search engine to find your course.


Don't you feel that support you get is increasingly from automated robots (or "fake AI" as we call it)?

We don't operate a call centre for a number of reasons, but you can ask us a question by email, our website form, or calling our toll-free number and requesting a callback.
And in every case you'll be answered by a friendly human, not a robot...


Don't people take forever to get back to you, or maybe not at all?

We know how frustrating this is, so our target time is four working hours, and we respond within one working day on over 99% of cases.
And over 82% of queries are resolved with our first response.
If you have a question or problem, you'll want it to be resolved fast - which is what we give you.


Aren't courses from many providers "stuck in the past" with old information?

It's bad practice to leave courses untouched while new courses are developed.
We don't fall into this trap: our courses are continually reviewed so they provide a balance of core content and fresh topics.
And you get free upgrades on any course for the duration of your license.

Have We Said Enough?

We've been training people - online and in classrooms - for many years, and we know what people want at all stages of the process.
From initial search to course attendance and support if needed.

So we hope you feel, like thousands of others, that ZandaX is a course provider you'd like to use!


Our Vision

We see a better world where people have access to the knowledge they need to make their lives more productive and fulfilling, and to have happier, more positive and more enduring relationships with other people.

Our Mission

We're specialists in training people: online and in classrooms.
We use our expertise and experience to help people to improve their skills, boost their effectiveness and confidence in what they do
... and change their lives!
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