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The Place to Go for Learning
Invest in your skills ...
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Training Courses for Personal Development and Business

As you may know, ZandaX is the premiere brand for high quality courses that are geared to results: results that take your knowledge, understanding and ability to completely new levels.

CPD Accredited Courses

CPD courses logo

We're a CPD member, meaning that all our courses are fully accredited, and you have the reassurance of proven quality of content and delivery.

So if you are in a Continuing Professional Development process, completion of any course will automatically earn you a CPD certificate and points.

If you aren't, well, you can still get the certificate, and have globally-recognized proof that you have acquired the skills from an accredited course.

Why Choose ZandaX?

Training specialists
Training Specialists
At ZandaX, we exist to provide training that enables people – and the companies they work for – to improve ... and benefit from the inevitable increase in knowledge, ability and confidence this brings.
Courses to change your life
We Change Your Life
High quality training rewards you in so many ways! We teach you skills that will help you to fulfil yourself: in your personal and your working life, to help you be better, happier and more successful in what you do.
Courses with satisfaction guaranteed
Satisfaction Guaranteed
We are sticklers for quality. This means that all ZandaX courses have been thoroughly researched, developed and many are officially CPD accredited ... and we know you'll be as satisfied as thousands of others have been!

Making your choice easier

How do you decide who to entrust with your training?
Watch this short video for more about ZandaX

How we deliver our courses

We deliver courses in three ways:
  • PREMIUM courses
    Our latest generation: video lessons with interactive on-screen content
  • CLICK & LEARN courses
    Interactive on-screen content, with video introductions
  • VIDEO courses
    Video lessons with a completion certificate
All options come with a course workbook and an end-course skills test.
We also provide:
  • Selected PARTNER courses
    Interactive video lessons, with lively and informative on-screen content
Most courses are single-subject "Fast Track" courses, but some have "Master Classes", where several subjects are combined in a single course.
Many have completion certificates (often CPD accredited) -- check the course details for confirmation.

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Free Online Course for Subscribers

We're offering a FREE online course in a monthly prize draw for everyone who subscribes to our occasional newsletters.
So click to register for your chance to win!

NOTE: This is our top of the range Professional course option, with full easy-to-follow content, a ZandaX workbook & exercises, and an official CPD certificate.

Personal Development Courses to Change Your Life!

using assertiveness to boost your self esteem course
Learn about behavior types and how to deal with them. Improve your self esteem and confidence and get more control of your life. ... and more
effective time management course
Learn to get more out of every day by avoiding bad habits and using simple, proven techniques that make you more productive. ... and more
effective communication skills course
Learn how communication is the key to understanding and being productive. Learn how to listen properly and to take things from there. ... and more
relationship building in your business and personal life course
Learn the importance of positive, two-way relationships, and how to create and maintain them for a more stable and happier life. ... and more
managing your stress for a better life course
Learn what causes stress, how to view it, and how to manage it productively so your life becomes more controlled and more rewarding. ... and more
anger management and control course
Learn what is wrong (and what is OK) about anger, how to control it, manage it in others, and get to a more controlled, happier place ... and more

Microsoft Courses to Boost Your Skills

microsoft access course
Introduction, Intermediate and Advanced courses show you how to use the powerful features of Access to create your own database applications
microsoft excel course
Our aim is to provide you with the best online Excel training at prices you'll love
microsoft outlook course
The ZandaX Outlook Essentials course isn't just about email: learn how to be more productive with Folders, Contacts, Tasks and the Calendar
microsoft powerpoint course
Learn how to set up powerful, attractive presentations with CPD accredited Introduction and Advanced tutorial-based courses
microsoft project course
Microsoft Project tutorials at Introduction and Advanced levels boost your skills, your performance and your project management career
microsoft visio course
At Introduction and Advanced level, learn how to create a huge array of diagrams, flow charts & plans
microsoft word course
With Introduction, Intermediate and Advanced courses, learn how to create, format, edit and enhance your documents

Articles to Boost Your Knowledge

Personal Development blog
personal development blog

Ways to enhance your development

Topics that will help to build a better you:
  • Communication Skills
  • Building Relationships
  • Time Management
  • Management Stress
  • Anger Management
  • Developing Assertiveness
Business Skills blog
business skills blog

Ways to build your business skills

Topics that will help you enjoy a better career:
  • Career Success
  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Presentation Skills & Public Speaking
  • Customer Service

Leadership & Management blog
leadership & management blog

Ways to boost your success

Topics to help you get results from your people:
  • Management - Self Development
  • Managing Teams
  • Leadership
  • Project Management
  • Human Resources
  • Training & Coaching

Write For Us

We pride ourselves on our busy, high-quality and helpful blog, and we're always looking for guest contributors to increase the variety and diversity of what we present.

Click to see how you can write for us with an original and well-written guest post.

What Our Customers Say

course reviews

Recent reviews for our courses

review score of 5.0
Relationship Building in Your Business and Personal Life
Very helpful and informative and I'm learning more skills.
Natasha Tye
review score of 4.5
Managing Your Stress for a Better Life
Helping to understand better and gave me a lot of skills to use.
Natasha Tye
review score of 5.0
Managing Difficult Employees
Amazingly helpful and informative.
Tom Unwin
review score of 4.5
Using Assertiveness to Boost Your Self Esteem
An interesting course
Elaine Talbot
review score of 5.0
Microsoft Excel 2013/2016 Intermediate
A very very interesting course, very helpful.
Filipe Ferreira
review score of 5.0
Microsoft Excel 2013/2016 Introduction
I am actually enjoying excel now. The video is simple to understand
Margaret Nyamador
review score of 0.0
Anger Management and Control
well put together
Ryan Moffat
review score of 5.0
Effective Time Management
thankyou i learned more and more
Farah Alsay
review score of 4.5
Sales Management Explained (Master Class)
Awesome course. Thank you!
Matthew Ross
review score of 5.0
Sales Management: Creating A Solid Foundation
Thank you for preparing me for my new role! I'm now a lot wiser and more confident :)
Jo Sanders
review score of 0.0
Microsoft Project 2013 Advanced
Easy to understand
Morenike Ajayi
review score of 5.0
Microsoft Excel 2013/2016 Advanced
Appreciate they showed how to do something AND to undo said function.
Brenda Richards
review score of 5.0
Microsoft Project 2013 Advanced
very easy to follow
Morenike Ajayi
review score of 5.0
Anger Management and Control
Easy to learn with such short videos Easy to take into knowledge Enjoyable
Sabrina Price
review score of 4.5
Effective Communication Skills
Will be very useful
Frances Perez

Student feedback scores

Online courses that really help you

Our courses are based on extensive research and years of delivery in classroom and online learning environments.
They give you an understanding of the subject, as well as effective points for action.

They're provided in an easy-to-view video format, divided into bite size chunks, so they are perfect to fit into your busy schedule.

Our most popular level comes with course workbooks that really give your learning a boost.

And every course is CPD certified, so there is a course option with a CPD certificate on completion.

So are you ready to see how far you can go?

Our Vision
We see a better world where people have access to the knowledge they need to make their lives more productive and fulfilling, and to have happier, more positive and more enduring relationships with other people.
Our Mission
We are specialists in training people and use our expertise and experience to help people to improve their skills, boost their effectiveness at work and with other people, and enhance their wellbeing.
Online courses to boost your skills
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Personal Development
Microsoft Software
Leadership & Management
Sales & Presentations
Service & Support
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ZandaX – Change Your Life ... Today
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ZandaX LinkedIn logo
ZandaX LinkedIn logo
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See how you score on a range of skills that are critical to your well-being and performance
Communication Skill test
Communication Skills
How Can You Communicate Better?
Would you like to see what kind of communicator you are? And how you can improve the effectiveness of your communications?
Likeability test
How Much Do People Like You?
Do you sometimes wonder just how likeable you are? And wouldn't you like to see how you can (genuinely) become more likeable?

Time Management test
Time Management
How Can You Make More Use Of Your Time?
Are you frustrated by how easily time slips away? Do you get frustrated when things don't get done just because you run out of time?
Assertiveness test
Are you Passive, Aggressive or Assertive?
Would you like to know where you fall on the behavior spectrum? Does your response to events sometimes surprise you?

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Personal Development
Personal Development training
Your soft skills affect everything you do, at work, at home and with friends ... they are truly life changing!
Online training courses
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