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What's the Difference Between the Course Options?

Fast Track course

You'll learn using an easy-to-follow video which you can pause, re-run and revisit as often as you like.
Course are often around two hours in length, but they're split into modules, and each has several topics. You can choose which module (or topic) to review at any time.
This course is for you if you want thorough coverage of the subject but have limited time at your disposal.

Development course

This is the most popular option because it includes the video, PLUS a comprehensive workbook, with a Development Plan.
It allows you to engage fully with the course and get the most out of it: you will deepen your study enormously by choosing this option.
This course is for you if you're serious about your development and don't need a CPD certificate.

Diploma course

This includes the Fast Track video course, PLUS a CPD certificate.
It's ideal for people who want to learn the subject to an adequate level and achieve a CPD certificate but don't need to go further.
This course is for you if you need a CPD certificate as part of your professional development, or you'd like one to put with your CV.

Professional course

Here's where you get everything: the video course, PLUS a comprehensive workbook, with a Development Plan, PLUS a CPD certificate.
So you win both ways: a great opportunity to really learn, and an internationally recognised certificate.
This course is for you if you're serious about your development, and you'd also like to show proof that you have invested in the skills.

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Fast Track course
Easy-to-follow video course
Development Plan course
Video course PLUS Workbook & Action Plan
Diploma course
Video course PLUS CPD certificate
Professional course
Video course PLUS Workbook & Action Plan PLUS CPD certificate

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Anger Management and Control
Managing Your Stress for a Better Life

Fast Track course
Easy-to-follow video course
    $23.00     $218.00

Development Plan course
Video course PLUS Workbook & Action Plan
    $35.00     $278.00

Diploma course
Video course PLUS CPD certificate
    $42.00     $318.00

Professional course
Video course PLUS Workbook & Action Plan PLUS CPD certificate
    $57.00     $378.00

Online Anger Management Course

A premier Anger Management online training course from ZandaX

Manage and control anger in yourself and others
with our great, easy-to-follow online course

What is Anger?
Angry Volcanos
Bottling up Your Anger
Controlling Your Anger
Anger and Communication
Dealing with Angry People
Using Anger for Positive Outcomes
Assertiveness, Negotiation and Control

Who is our Anger Management And Control course for?

Learn How to Control and Manage Anger in Yourself and Others

This course is written for anyone for whom anger plays a significant part in their life, whether in themselves or others.

If you have anger issues, it will have a negative impact on your relationships, and what you get out of life. It is likely to affect you at work, at home and (of course) socially.
Or, it may be that a friend or loved one suffers from anger issues, and you want to know how to deal with this, in a way that will benefit both of you.

If you are in either of these situations, this course will help you to calm down and control your life.

This anger management skills training course, like all our courses, has been developed over many years of classroom delivery.   Content has been thoroughly researched and is constantly updated so it's always leading edge.   It's delivered by professional presenters and is full of practical knowledge and solutions.

Still wondering whether to do the course?
Just think about this: how much would your life benefit if you had better anger management skills?

See What the Course Covers!

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CPD accredited course

CPD certified course

This means that not only has it been rigorously assessed in terms of content and quality, but there are options to get a CPD Certification certificate to keep.

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Learn what is wrong (and what is OK) about anger, how to control it, manage it in others, and get to a more controlled, happier place
... and more
(This Course)
FROM   $12.00   $109.00
Learn what causes stress, how to view it, and how to manage it productively so your life becomes more controlled and more rewarding.
... and more
FROM  $11.00   $109.00
Full price: $218.00
Offer price: $23.00
FROM  $23.00
Your Free Workbook and Personal Action Plan

Our official CPD certificate shows the quality of the course.
How about fulfilling your full potential?
Buy the Development Plan course and get your own great, results-focused downloadable workbook.

The workbook features:

  • Summary notes of the course to refer to as you go
  • Space for your own notes alongside the summaries
  • Apply the lessons in each module to your own situation and experience
  • A Personal Action Plan for you to set your objectives
  • Four structured Follow Up Sessions for you to monitor and manage your progress
  • A final Review Session for you to take a look at just how far you have come!
Curriculum for the Anger Management And Control Course

What is Anger?

- What is Anger?
- What Causes Anger?
- Triggers
- Types of Anger
- The Long Term Effects of Anger

Angry Volcanos

- What Are Angry Volcanos?
- The Interrogator
- The Intimidator
- Learned Volcanic Behavior
- How to Spot a Volcano

Bottling up Your Anger

- Bottling up Your Anger - Being a Black Hole
- The Victim
- The Winder Upper
- The Distancer
- How to Recognise a Black Hole

Controlling Your Anger

- Controlling your Outbursts
- Having a Strategy
- Long Term Anger Management
- Improving your Communication
- Controlling Anger: Using THINK

Anger and Communication

- Expressing Anger
- The Three Components of Communication
- Body Language
- Using Voice
- The Words to Use
- Why You Express Anger
- 6 Steps to Communicating When Angry

Dealing with Angry People

- About Dealing with Angry People
- The Seven Step Process
- Coping Strategies - The SOFTEN Acronym
- Self-Preservation when Dealing with Anger in Others

Using Anger for Positive Outcomes

- Can Anger Be Positive?
- Using Anger to Motivate You
- The Yerkes-Dodson Curve
- Channelling Your Anger

Assertiveness, Negotiation and Control

- Be Assertive, Not Aggressive
- Goal Setting
- Reward Yourself
- Track Your Progress
- Get Somebody Who You're Accountable To
- Negotiation
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$12.00   $109.00   89% off
About the Anger Management And Control Course

It's the Behavior, Not the Anger!

Anger is natural, and unavoidable. But problems arise when bad behavior follows, and this gets in the way of stable, rewarding relationships.
Our course shows you how to control your anger, and how to communicate your feelings in a positive fashion, as well as giving you some proven long term approaches to managing your anger.

We also show you how to deal with anger in other people, which can be easier than you think if you follow our basic rules.

When you know how to control your anger, and even help people to control theirs, life will be more calm, enjoyable, and your relationships will be happier ... and what we show you is so easy to put into practice too ...

Watch the modules, revisit them time and again ...
and have fun with improving your skills!

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