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Personal Development

There is no better investment you can make than to invest in yourself, and acquire skills that will last a lifetime.

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Being Assertive Will Change Your Life!

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 ► Recognizing & Dealing with Bad Behavior

– Boost Your Self Esteem and Be More Assertive

 ► What is Good, and Bad, Behavior?

– Learn About Good and Bad Behavior Types

 ► Using Assertiveness to Boost Your Self Esteem

– Increase Your Confidence: Learn How to Deal With Bad Behavior

Time Management

Learn How To Stop Wasting Time!

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 ► Effective Time Management

– Get More Out of Every Day of Your Life

Communication Skills

Communication Is A Two-Way Street!

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 ► Effective Communication Skills Master Class

– Great Communication is Your Sure-Fire Route to Success!

 ► The Nature of Good Communication

– Do You Know What Makes Good Communication?

 ► Questioning, Listening & Face to Face Communication

– Learn the Core Skills That Will Supercharge Your Communication

 ► Core Skills for Telephone, Writing and Social Media

– Boost Your Skills on the Telephone, in Writing and on Social Media

 ► Fixing Your Communication Problems

– Your Route to Fixing Communication Problems

 ► How Communication Works

– Do You Know How Good Communication Works?

 ► Assessing Your Communication Style

– What's Your Communication Style?

 ► Overcoming Communication Problems

– Tackle Common Problems That Affect Your Communication

 ► Being a Better Communicator

– Be a Better Communicator With Simple Rules For Action

 ► Questioning Skills & Active Listening

– Learn Effective Questioning and Listening Skills

 ► Effective Face to Face Communication

– Get More From Your Face-to-Face Communication

 ► Getting More From the Telephone

– Acquire the Telephone Skills You Need For Productive Conversations

 ► Writing Skills & Best Practice for Social Media

– Boost the Effectiveness of Your Writing With Simple Rules

 ► Effective Communication Skills

– Effective Communication Creates a Happy Life!

Building Relationships

Building Relationships Is Easier Than You Think!

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 ► Relationship Building in Your Business and Personal Life

– Build More Productive Relationships in All Areas of Your Life

 ► Increasing Your Likeability Factor

– Here's How to Be a More Likeable Person!

 ► Getting Your Social Skills in Order

– Improve Your Social Skills and Reap the Rewards!

Stress Management

Wouldn't You Like To Reduce and Manage Your Stress?

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 ► Managing Your Stress for a Better Life

– Get a Plan to Beat Your Stress

Anger Management

It's Not the Anger, It's the Behavior!

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 ► Anger Management and Control

– Anger Management Classes on How to Control Anger

Leadership & Management

Leadership & Management courses that give you the skills and understanding to supercharge your performance - and your career

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Sales Management

Training for Professional Sales Management

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 ► Sales Forecasting & Hitting Targets

– Managing Forecasts, Targets and KPIs for Results

 ► Sales Management Explained (Master Class)

– Core Sales Management Skills In One Place!

 ► Sales Management: Creating A Solid Foundation

– Great Sales Management Has A Firm Base!

 ► Setting Up Your Sales Team

– Reinforce Talent With The Right Structure

 ► Sales Processes & Selling Techniques

– Great Sales Managers Control the Operation!

Team Leadership & Supervisor Skills

Training for Effective Team Leadership & Supervisor Skills

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 ► The New Manager: Making the Transition

– Getting It Right as a New Manager

 ► The New Manager: Your First Steps

– How Do You Adjust to Being a Manager?

 ► The New Manager: Choosing Your Management Style

– Which Management Style is Best For You?

 ► Setting Goals the SMART Way

– Use SMART Goals to Maximize Your Potential

 ► Using the Three Ps and Stretch Goals

– Aim for the Stars and Stretch Your Goals!

 ► Using Objectives & Key Results (OKR)

– Use Objectives & Key Results (OKR) for Long Term Success

 ► Setting Goals and Using Objectives & Key Results (OKRs)

– All You Need to Know About Goals

 ► Prioritization, the Four Ds and Delegation

– How to Prioritize and Take Action under Pressure

 ► Management Time Robbers & Getting Organized

– Deal With the Time Robbers that Destroy Your Day

 ► Time Management for Managers

– Time Management Techniques That Will Transform Your Life

 ► Questioning Skills, Active Listening And Using Body Language

– Supercharge Your Workplace Communication Skills!

 ► Using Questioning Skills to Get Results

– Improve the Way You Ask Questions

 ► Active Listening & Understanding the Message

– Learn How to Listen - and Understand!

 ► Body Language, Non-Verbal Messages & Meeting Skills

– Enhance your Communication with Body Language & Non-Verbal Messages

 ► Creating & Leading High-Performance Teams

– Managing High Performance to its Maximum

 ► Creating High-Performance Teams

– Learn how to Create a High-Performance Team

 ► Leading High-Performance Teams

– Structure Your Approach to Leading a High-Performance Team

 ► Conflict Management Essentials

– Conflict Management Made Simple

 ► Higher-Level Conflict Resolution

– Conflict Resolution: A Structured Approach

 ► Managing Difficult Employees

– Dealing With Difficult Employees Needs a Plan!

 ► Building & Managing Trust

– Building Trust in the Workplace is Your Route to Success

 ► Core Skills for New Managers & Team Leaders

– New to Line Management? This Course is for You!

 ► People Skills for Team Managers & Leaders

– You'll Never Manage a Team Without People Skills!

 ► Setting Up Your Team for High Performance

– Setting the Foundation for High Performance

 ► Building & Managing a High Performing Team

– Building & Managing High Performance

Accounts and Finance

Learn how Financial Statements Work

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 ► Finance For Non Financial Managers

– Understand How Financial Statements Work

 ► Profit and Loss (P&L) Explained

– Why is a Profit and Loss Statement Important?

 ► Balance Sheets Explained

– What is a Balance Sheet?

 ► Cash Flow Statements Explained

– Why Do I Need a Cash Flow Statement?

 ► Maintaining a Healthy Cash Flow

– What is a Healthy Cash Flow?

 ► Budget Like a Boss!

– Budgets are Essential to Any Business Activity


Learn how to use the top applications in the Microsoft Office 365 suite, as well as Project & Visio, with our proven, online Microsoft courses

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Microsoft Access

Use the Power of Access Databases

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 ► Microsoft Access 365 (2019) Beginners

– Build Your Database Skills the Right Way!

 ► Microsoft Access 365 (2019) Advanced

– Move on to Higher Database Things!

 ► Microsoft Access 2013/2016 Introduction

– Kickstart Your Database Skills!

 ► Microsoft Access 2013/2016 Intermediate

– See the Power of Access

 ► Microsoft Access 2013/2016 Advanced

– Become an Access Expert

Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Office Excel Training Courses

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 ► Microsoft Excel 365 (2021) Beginners

– Learn How to Use Excel Properly!

 ► Microsoft Excel 365 (2021) Intermediate

– Expand Your Excel Toolkit!

 ► Microsoft Excel 365 (2021) Advanced

– Take Your Excel Skills to New Heights

 ► Microsoft Excel VBA Beginners

– Start to Use the Power of VBA

 ► Microsoft Excel VBA Intermediate

– Take Your Existing VBA Skills Further!

 ► Microsoft Excel 2013/2016 Introduction

– Learn How to Use Excel Properly!

 ► Microsoft Excel 2013/2016 Intermediate

– Start to Get Really Productive!

 ► Microsoft Excel 2013/2016 Advanced

– Take Your Data Analysis Skills to a New Level

 ► Microsoft Excel 2013/2016 Professional

– Become an Excel Power User

Microsoft Outlook

Organize Your Working Life With Outlook

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 ► Microsoft Outlook 365 (2019) Ultimate

– Learn All About Outlook in One Course

 ► Microsoft Outlook 365 (2019) Introduction

– Learn How to Manage Your Emails Professionally

 ► Microsoft Outlook 365 (2019) Intermediate

– Upgrade Your Microsoft Outlook Skills

 ► Microsoft Outlook 365 (2019) Advanced

– Use the Advanced Tools Within Microsoft Outlook

 ► Microsoft Outlook 2013/2016 Essentials

– Microsoft Outlook is More Than an Email Tool

Microsoft Powerpoint

PowerPoint Training Courses

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 ► Microsoft PowerPoint 365 (2021) Ultimate

– Go as Far as You Want With PowerPoint

 ► Microsoft PowerPoint 2019 Introduction

– Start Delivering Powerful Presentations With PowerPoint

 ► Microsoft PowerPoint 2019 Intermediate

– Build on Your PowerPoint Skills

 ► Microsoft PowerPoint 2019 Advanced

– All You Need to Become a PowerPoint Super User

 ► Microsoft PowerPoint 2013/2016 Introduction

– Start Delivering Powerful Presentations With PowerPoint

 ► Microsoft PowerPoint 2013/2016 Advanced

– Look Professional as You Deliver Presentations

Microsoft Project

Manage Your Projects Better with Our MS Project Tutorials

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 ► Microsoft Project 2019 Beginners

– Build a Solid Foundation for Your Projects

 ► Microsoft Project 2019 Advanced

– Take Your MS Project Skills to a New Level

 ► Microsoft Project 2013 Introduction

– Give Your Projects a Solid Foundation

 ► Microsoft Project 2013 Advanced

– Stay On Top Of Your Projects

Microsoft Visio

Use Visio to Create Diagrams for Any Application

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 ► Microsoft Visio 2016 Basics

– Start Creating Professional Diagrams Using Visio

 ► Microsoft Visio 2013 Introduction

– Start Creating Professional Diagrams Using Visio

 ► Microsoft Visio 2013 Advanced

– Become a Professional in Designing Graphics with Microsoft Visio

Microsoft Word

Use Word to Create Professional Documents

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 ► Microsoft Word 365 (2019) Beginners

– Learn Best Practice with Microsoft Word

 ► Microsoft Word 365 (2019) Advanced

– Work Smarter - and Better - With Word

 ► Microsoft Word 2013/2016 Introduction

– Start Using Microsoft Word Properly!

 ► Microsoft Word 2013/2016 Intermediate

– Enhance Your Knowledge of Microsoft Word

 ► Microsoft Word 2013/2016 Advanced

– Improve Collaboration and Use Advanced Features

Sales and Presentations

People's ability to present well, and to sell effectively, is central to the success of any business.

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Selling Skills

Learn the Selling Skills That Will Boost Your Performance

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 ► Mastering Selling Skills

– Selling Skills Are Easy to Learn - And Use!

 ► Features & Benefits and How to Use Them

– Selling Skills That Can Be Used Anywhere!

 ► Overcoming Objections In the Buying Process

– Learn Selling Skills for Any Situation!

 ► Closing The Sale With Confidence

– Sales Skills You Can Apply Anywhere!

 ► Advanced Selling Techniques

– Learn Universal Selling Skills!

 ► Remote Selling

– Remote Selling is Here To Stay!

 ► Selling in a Digital World

– Welcome to the Digital Age!

 ► Understanding the Customer

– Understand Your Customers to Perform Better

Presentation Skills

Be More Confident, and Successful, with Your Presentations

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 ► Planning a Powerful Presentation

– Use Planning to Set Up Effective Presentations

 ► Powerful Message and Structure

– Enhance your Delivery with Messages and Structure

 ► Creating Great Presentation Support Materials

– Boost You Presentation with Great Support Materials

 ► Rehearsing for Your Presentation

– Make Your Rehearsal a Productive Process

 ► Your Stage Presence in Presentations

– Energize Your Presentations with a Great Stage Presence!

 ► Making Your Presentations Powerful

– Know What Gives a Presentation Impact

 ► Bringing Your Presentations Alive

– Be a Lively Presenter!

 ► Using Words and Voice Effectively

– Use Words and Voice to Increase Involvement

 ► Handling Questions During Your Presentation

– Turn Audience Questions into Opportunities

Service & Support

Great, interactive courses for customer service and support people that will supercharge how you deal with customers

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Customer Service

Learn How to Give Great Customer Service

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 ► Customer Service Essentials

– Use Outstanding Customer Service to Boost Your Brand

 ► Customer Service Skills Complete

– Is This All You Need From a Customer Service Course?

 ► Dealing With Angry Customers

– Keep a Cool, Professional Head with Angry Customers

 ► Satisfying Challenging Customers

– Don't Let Difficult Customers Ruin Your Life!

 ► Mastering Complaint Handling

– Turn Customer Complaints into Opportunities

 ► Handling Common Complaints

– Great Customer Service is the Only Option!

 ► Customer Empathy

– Use Empathy to Engage With Your Customers

 ► Customer Persuasion

– The Customer Isn't Always Right!


Make sure that what you sell and the service you provide is shown to the world by top-level marketing that gives the exposure you deserve.

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What's Effective Copywriting?

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 ► CopyWriting For Results: Your Complete Guide

– Learn and Understand How to Write the Best Copy

 ► Copywriting For Results: Putting It Into Action

– See How to Use Your Skills Across Different Channels

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