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This is the most popular option because it includes the video, along with interactive content PLUS a comprehensive workbook, with exercises.
It allows you to engage fully with the course and get the most out of it: you will deepen your study enormously by choosing this option.
This option is for you if you're serious about your development.

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Microsoft PowerPoint 365 (2021) Ultimate

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Interactive option
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Microsoft PowerPoint 365 (2021) Ultimate

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Microsoft PowerPoint 365 (2021) Ultimate course

A premier Microsoft Powerpoint training course from ZandaX

Modules covered in this course:
Introduction Getting Started in PowerPoint 2021 Slides and Layouts
Slide Workshop: Title Slide Selection, Alignment and Grouping Slide Workshop: Meet The Team
Slide Workshop: Divider Slides Slide Workshop: Our Destinations Slide Workshop: Tables, Charts and Diagrams
More Graphics Video, Audio and Screenshots Slide Workshop: Transitions, Zoom and Motion Paths
Master Slides Extending PowerPoint with Add-ins Preparing Slides for Delivery
Delivering a Presentation Exporting, Sharing and Printing Course Close

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Microsoft PowerPoint 365 (2021) Ultimate

What you'll learn

Getting Started in PowerPoint 2021
Slides and Layouts
Slide Workshop: Title Slide
Selection, Alignment and Grouping
Slide Workshop: Meet The Team
Slide Workshop: Divider Slides
Slide Workshop: Our Destinations
Slide Workshop: Tables, Charts and Diagrams
More Graphics
Video, Audio and Screenshots
Slide Workshop: Transitions, Zoom and Motion Paths
Master Slides
Extending PowerPoint with Add-ins
Preparing Slides for Delivery
Delivering a Presentation
Exporting, Sharing and Printing
Course Close

Course requirements

You should have a good working knowledge and understanding of the concepts covered in the Introduction course.

Who's this course for?

Users with a good understanding of Microsoft PowerPoint who want to expand their capabilities in a short space of time.

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How you'll benefit from the PowerPoint 365 (2021) Ultimate course

Go as Far as You Want With PowerPoint

This great new course, PowerPoint 365 (2021) Ultimate, is for people at all levels of ability. You will learn how to create contemporary, visually stunning, and creative PowerPoint presentations from scratch.

Starting with the basics, you'll build a strong foundation and learn progressively more advanced skills as we move through the course. You'll take part in a slide workshop, where you get to create slides from scratch, building knowledge as you go.

The course explores all the PowerPoint functionalities you need: slide layouts, master slides, transitions, animation, shapes, images, and text. It covers the latest features too, like the eyedropper, slide zoom, summary zoom and the morph transition to enable you to get the most from images and shapes. You'll also learn how to create your own diagrams, charts, and tables -- and work faster by using keyboard shortcuts.

This course is designed to inspire you to think differently about PowerPoint and unleash your creativity to use skills that will transform the way you work!

This Microsoft Powerpoint skills training course, like all our courses, has been developed over many years of classroom and online delivery.   Content has been thoroughly researched and is constantly updated so it's always leading edge.   It's completely interactive and is full of practical knowledge and solutions.

Still wondering whether to do the course?
Just think about this: how much would you benefit if you had better Microsoft Powerpoint skills?

About the ZandaX PowerPoint 365 (2021) Ultimate course

Take Yourself from the Basics to Master of Presentations!

Our PowerPoint 365 (2021) Ultimate course teaches you the skills and knowledge to take you as far as you need, starting from the very basics and working up to the highest levels.

There's a huge amount in this course, but in brief, we start with using the PowerPoint 2021 Interface. Next it's all you need to know about laying out your slides.

You'll then learn about working with objects before covering the Format Painter, bullets, numbered lists, paragraph text and icons, and we then show you how to animate objects, insert hyperlinks and work with tables, SmartArt, shapes and charts.

Videos are next, along with sections on Slide Transitions, Advanced Morph, Motion Paths, Master Slides and add-ins available within PowerPoint.
Next, you'll learn about preparing your slides for delivery and use Presenter View.

We finish with a section on exporting, sharing, protecing and printing your presentation, and by this time you should -- with practice -- know how to create and deliver presentations you'll be proud of!

Watch the modules, revisit them time and again ... and have fun with improving your skills!

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$23.00   $59.00   61% off

Course content for PowerPoint 365 (2021) Ultimate


1 - Introduction

» Introduction to PowerPoint 2021
» DOWNLOAD ME: Instructor & Exercise Files
» Creating Visually Stunning Presentations
» Presentation Tips and Best Practice
» Free PowerPoint Resources
» Exercise 01

2 - Getting Started in PowerPoint 2021

» The PowerPoint 2021 Interface
» Customizing the Quick Access Toolbar
» Opening, Closing, and Saving Presentations
» Using PowerPoint Templates
» Setting PowerPoint Options
» Exercise 02

3 - Slides and Layouts

» Slide Layouts
» Adding, Arranging, and Duplicating Slides
» Reusing Slides from Other Presentations
» Creating Slides from an Outline
» Slide Themes and Backgrounds
» Exercise 03

4 - Slide Workshop: Title Slide

» Resizing a Background Image: Crop and Fill
» Transparent Shape Overlays
» Drawing and Formatting Shapes
» Locking Shapes and Setting a Default Shape
» Merging Shapes
» Inserting a Logo: Filling Shapes with Pictures
» Adding a Title and Subtitle: Inserting Text Boxes
» Using the Eyedropper Tool
» Exercise 04

5 - Selection, Alignment and Grouping

» Selecting Objects
» Arranging, Renaming, and Changing the Z-Order
» Aligning and Grouping Objects
» Exercise 05

6 - Slide Workshop: Meet The Team

» Duplicating and Reformatting Slides
» Filling Shapes with Images
» Copying Formatting: Format Painter
» Bullets, Numbered Lists, and Paragraph Text
» The Morph Transition
» Exercise 06

7 - Slide Workshop: Divider Slides

» Merging Images Across Shapes
» Inserting and Formatting Icons
» Compressing Pictures
» Animating Objects: Entrance, Emphasis, and Exit Effects
» Applying Multiple Animations
» Triggering Animations
» Organising Slides: Slide Sorter View
» Exercise 07

8 - Slide Workshop: Our Destinations

» Adding Half-Page Image Slides
» Actions: Linking to Slides
» Using Slide Zoom
» Inserting Hyperlinks to Slides, Websites, Documents, and Email
» Exercise 08

9 - Slide Workshop: Tables, Charts and Diagrams

» Adding and Formatting Tables
» Creating a Process Flow Diagram with SmartArt
» Creating a Custom Process Flow Diagram with Shapes and Connectors
» Creating an Organization Diagram with SmartArt
» Inserting Charts: Line Chart
» Formatting Charts
» Exercise 09

10 - More Graphics

» Inserting Stickers, Cut Out People, Illustrations, and Cartoon Images
» Removing an Image Background
» Exercise 10

11 - Video, Audio and Screenshots

» Inserting and Editing Videos
» Creating a Motion Video Background
» Adding Audio Files
» Inserting Screenshots
» Recording the Screen
» Exercise 11

12 - Slide Workshop: Transitions, Zoom and Motion Paths

» Adding and Modifying Slide Transitions
» Advanced Morph
» Summary Zoom
» Pan and Zoom
» Animating Objects with Motion Paths
» Exercise 12

13 - Master Slides

» What are Master Slides?
» Modifying Master Slides
» Exercise 13

14 - Extending PowerPoint with Add-ins

» PowerPoint Add-ins
» Countdown Timer Add-in
» QR Code Add-in
» Pro Word Cloud
» Exercise 14

15 - Preparing Slides for Delivery

» Adding a Header and Footer
» Adding and Formatting Speaker Notes to a Presentation
» Using the Notes Master
» Hiding and Unhiding Slides
» Rehearse Timings
» Setting Up and Running a Custom Slide Show
» Adding and Replying to Comments
» Exercise 15

16 - Delivering a Presentation

» Using Presenter View
» On-screen Presentation Options
» Record and Narrate a Presentation
» Exercise 16

17 - Exporting, Sharing and Printing

» Sharing a Presentation
» Exporting a Presentation
» The Info Tab
» Protecting a Presentation
» Printing a Presentation
» Exercise 17

18 - Course Close

» Course Close


$23.00   $59.00   61% off

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