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How Our Microsoft Powerpoint Courses Will Benefit You

PowerPoint Training Courses

Microsoft Powerpoint is the de facto standard in presentation software.

We offer two comprehensive courses, taking you from total beginner to professional, and teach you the skills that give you the expertise to create presentations that carry authority and are attractive, entertaining and effective.

The first course is for beginners, and we show you the basics of the interface, and how to create, format and enhance basic presentations. In the second, we move on to managing files, adding pictures, tables, charts and multimedia, and creating advanced shows.

When you've finished our courses, you'll be able to create presentations with a level of impact that doen't just support what you say, but adds a new dimension of professionalism to it.

CPD accredited courses

CPD Certified Courses

The CPD mark of approval means that not only have our courses been rigorously assessed in terms of content and quality, but there are options for you to get a CPD Certification certificate to keep.

See How You Can Learn About Microsoft Powerpoint

Microsoft PowerPoint Introduction

A Fantastic Grounding in PowerPoint Skills

Whether you've never touched PowerPoint before, or you've used it for a while but want to make sure that you're using it properly, this is the course for you!

We show you how to get started, how the interface works, and all you need to know about creating and formatting a presentation.

We then build on that by showing you how to add shapes, art and transitions to really liven up your presentations.

By the end of this course, you will have a solid grounding in how to use PowerPoint to deliver presentations that give you the full credit you deserve.

Microsoft PowerPoint Advanced

Supercharge Your Ability to Impress Your Audience

Our Advanced PowerPoint course gives you the skills and knowledge to take your presentations to the highest levels.

We show you how to utilise pictures and add multimedia, as well as using charts, tables and diagrams to create that WOW factor.

Then we show you how to set up, and customize, your presentation.

Microsoft PowerPoint is an incredibly powerful tool that use can use to make a real impact on your audience. So ask yourself: if you aren't able to use it to its fullest capacity, why are you holding back?

Recent reviews for our Microsoft Powerpoint courses

review score of 5.0
Microsoft PowerPoint Introduction
Very good - learning things that will help me to work faster and better, as well as how to do new things.
Stephen Johnson
review score of 4.5
Microsoft PowerPoint Advanced
The instructors were clear, well paced and informative with an engaging tone.
Julienne Salmon
review score of 4.0
Microsoft PowerPoint Advanced
A course well worth completing!
Marco Chan
review score of 5.0
Microsoft PowerPoint Advanced
Useful course, easy to follow, learned lots. Thanks
Paula Bolton
review score of 5.0
Microsoft PowerPoint Advanced
Excellent course, well-paced and informative
Stephen Bunting
review score of 5.0
Microsoft PowerPoint Introduction
I found the whole course really useful and feel that I have picked up all the basics from it. The instruction on all aspects of the course was very clear and easy to follow. I think I can put together a presentation with the knowledge I have gained today. Thank you
Janet Potter
review score of 5.0
Microsoft PowerPoint Advanced
Nice and easy to follow. Got all that I needed from the course.
Caroline McMullen
review score of 5.0
Microsoft PowerPoint Introduction
The course covered the basics very well and it was easy to follow. I enjoyed it and found it useful especially in my present job. The knowledge I have of Word helped a bit too. It was a very good course!
Adam Parkes
review score of 4.0
Microsoft PowerPoint Advanced
I learned a great deal from this course
Carol Payne

Student feedback scores


More About Our Microsoft Powerpoint Courses

PowerPoint (PPT) Classes Online

Powerpoint is just like Word, isn't it?

Well, they share features that make it easy to move between them, but without getting to grips with learning the application properly, your presentations will never be more than badly- formatted slide shows.

In just two CPD accedited courses, you will learn the fundamental PowerPoint skills that will give you a grounding in best practice. And by the end of the Advanced course, you'll be able to add pictures, tables, charts and multimedia, and increase your productivity with tools like slide masters. What's more, the quality of your work will boost your confidence - and your career - when delivering presentations.

You have total flexibility ... you can work through all the course content so you have a thorough knowledge from start to finish. Or treat the content as your "library" - to refer to and learn as you need.

Either way, you'l find all our courses easy to watch and available 24/7 to upgrade your Microsoft Powerpoint skills.

Save money with multi-course packages

Microsoft PowerPoint

POWER pack: Microsoft PowerPoint Introduction AND Advanced

You do not require any experience of using PowerPoint, but you do need to be familiar with using a PC with Microsoft Windows, and some basic experience of using Microsoft Word will be an advantage.

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