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Premiere Online Courses in Microsoft Powerpoint

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How Our Microsoft Powerpoint Courses Will Benefit You

PowerPoint Training Courses

Microsoft Powerpoint (PPT) is the de facto standard in presentation software.

When you've finished our courses, you'll be able to create presentations with a level of impact that doen't just support what you say, but adds a new dimension of professionalism to it.

We run three sets of courses, each covering all you need:
Our MS PowerPoint 365/2021 Ultimate course shows you the latest stand-alone release from Microsoft and includes the features currently available in the subscription-based PowerPoint 365. You'll find all you need here, with over 10 hours of interactive study.
Our MS PowerPoint 2019 courses are delivered at three levels: Introduction (beginners), Intermediate and Advanced. Each course gives you between 8 and 10 hours of content so you have a great chance to really get to grips with the application.
Our MS PowerPoint 2013/2016 courses are a great alternative for a lower-cost option (though some of the features have changed), for anyone looking for a speedy "crash course", and also for people who are using older versions of the software.

All our courses teach you the "right" way, using best practice and avoiding common pitfalls. By enhancing your PowerPoint skills, they'll increase what you can do, the effectiveness of your preentations -- and boost your productivity too!

See How You Can Learn About Microsoft Powerpoint

Microsoft PowerPoint 365 (2021) Ultimate course

Microsoft PowerPoint 365 (2021) Ultimate

Take Yourself from the Basics to Master of Presentations!

Includes Getting Started, Slides, Layouts, Alignment, Shapes, Images, Animating Objects, Tables, Charts, Graphics, Videos, Slide Masters, Add-Ins ... and more: click the 'see the course' button for full details.
Microsoft PowerPoint 2019 Introduction course

Microsoft PowerPoint 2019 Introduction

Learn How to Use PowerPoint Properly!

Includes Using PowerPoint, Creating & Formatting, Pictures & Advanced Objects, Shapes, WordArt, Symbols & Equations ... and more: click the 'see the course' button for full details.
Microsoft PowerPoint 2019 Intermediate course

Microsoft PowerPoint 2019 Intermediate

Use PowerPoint to Add Power to Your Presentations

Includes Tables, SmartArt, Enhancing Slides, Sounds, Video, Importing Data, Slide Masters, AutoCorrect ... and more: click the 'see the course' button for full details.
Microsoft PowerPoint 2019 Advanced course

Microsoft PowerPoint 2019 Advanced

Take Your PowerPoint Skills to the Highest Level

Includes Notes, Transitions, Animations, Objects, Slide Shows, Delivering Presentations, Custom Templates, Themes & Settings ... and more: click the 'see the course' button for full details.
Microsoft PowerPoint 2013/2016 Introduction course

Microsoft PowerPoint 2013/2016 Introduction

A Fantastic Grounding in PowerPoint Skills

Includes Getting Started, Using the Interface, Formatting, Adding Shapes & Art, Formatting & Printing, Finishing Touches ... and more: click the 'see the course' button for full details.
Microsoft PowerPoint 2013/2016 Advanced course

Microsoft PowerPoint 2013/2016 Advanced

Supercharge Your Ability to Impress Your Audience

Includes Files, Pictures, Multimedia, Charts & Diagrams, Slide Masters, Reviewing, Advanced Shows ... and more: click the 'see the course' button for full details.

Recent reviews for our Microsoft Powerpoint courses

review score of 5.0
Microsoft PowerPoint 2013/2016 Introduction
Great, no problems at all
Justyna Siembab
review score of 4.5
Microsoft PowerPoint 2013/2016 Introduction
Each module is very clear and easy to follow, I have enjoyed the course and learnt lots of new elements that I will be using in my presentations - thank you
Helen Miles
review score of 5.0
Microsoft PowerPoint 2013/2016 Introduction
Very good - learning things that will help me to work faster and better, as well as how to do new things.
Stephen Johnson
review score of 4.5
Microsoft PowerPoint 2013/2016 Advanced
The instructors were clear, well paced and informative with an engaging tone.
Julienne Salmon
review score of 4.0
Microsoft PowerPoint 2013/2016 Advanced
A course well worth completing!
Marco Chan
review score of 5.0
Microsoft PowerPoint 2013/2016 Advanced
Useful course, easy to follow, learned lots. Thanks
Paula Bolton
review score of 5.0
Microsoft PowerPoint 2013/2016 Advanced
Excellent course, well-paced and informative
Stephen Bunting
review score of 5.0
Microsoft PowerPoint 2013/2016 Introduction
I found the whole course really useful and feel that I have picked up all the basics from it. The instruction on all aspects of the course was very clear and easy to follow. I think I can put together a presentation with the knowledge I have gained today. Thank you
Janet Potter
review score of 5.0
Microsoft PowerPoint 2013/2016 Advanced
Nice and easy to follow. Got all that I needed from the course.
Caroline McMullen
review score of 5.0
Microsoft PowerPoint 2013/2016 Introduction
The course covered the basics very well and it was easy to follow. I enjoyed it and found it useful especially in my present job. The knowledge I have of Word helped a bit too. It was a very good course!
Adam Parkes

Student feedback scores


More About Our Microsoft Powerpoint Courses

PowerPoint (PPT) Classes Online

Powerpoint is just like Word, isn't it?

Well, they share features that make it easy to move between them, but without getting to grips with learning the application properly, your presentations will never be more than badly- formatted slide shows.

In our courses, you will learn the PowerPoint skills that will give you a solid grounding in best practice, covering a huge range of features, so that by the end, you'll be able to add pictures, tables, charts and multimedia, and increase your productivity with tools like slide masters. What's more, the quality of your work will boost your confidence - and your career - when delivering presentations.

You have total flexibility ... you can work through all the course content so you have a thorough knowledge from start to finish. Or treat the content as your "library" - to refer to and learn as you need.

Either way, you'l find all our courses easy to watch and available 24/7 to upgrade your Microsoft Powerpoint skills.

More information

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