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Personal Development Tests from ZandaX

Our tests are here to help you!

They're quick, anonymous, with a free downloadable report to see how you rate, and how to improve.

Communication Skills Test

How Can You Communicate Better?

  • Aren't bad communications at the root of too many problems?
  • And wouldn't it be great to get tips on how to stop this?
  • If we communicate well, our lives run so much more smoothly
  • And our test shows how you can improve!

So, how well do you REALLY communicate?

Likeability Test

How Much Do People Really Like You?

  • Doesn't everyone want to be liked by other people?
  • And maybe see how they measure up in their likeability?
  • If we're likeable, we're happy, and we get things done
  • And with our test, likeability is really easy to analyse...

So, how likeable are you ... REALLY?

Time Management Test

How Can You Stop Wasting So Much Time?p>

  • Would you like to get more done EVERY day of your life?
  • Are there clues in the way you deal with things?
  • We all have ways of working that waste time
  • And we can give you some great ways to improve

So, how can you get more out of YOUR time?

Assertiveness Test

Are You Passive, Aggressive or Assertive?

  • Each of us falls into one (or more) of these behavior types
  • And our behavior affects how we relate to other people
  • It also has a major effect on how easily we get things done
  • ... and success, and happiness, in our work, home and social lives

So, which category do YOU fall into?

Fun Tests with a Serious Side

Yes, you get a score ... but that's as you are right now.
But you also get a downloadable, personalised PDF report with solid ideas on how to improve (and change your life)
Each test takes around three minutes, so why not give it a shot?
[NOTE: these are all totally anonymous and NO personal data is collected.
So good luck: they're designed to help you, with no strings attached...]

Personal Development Training

Our personal development courses have been designed to help you change your life.
They'll enhance your relationships, your sense of achievement ... and your happiness, too.

We'll show you how to get organised, improve how you manage yourself, get your ideas and thoughts across to others, and (of course) get on better with those around you!

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Our Vision

We see a better world where people have access to the knowledge they need to make their lives more productive and fulfilling, and to have happier, more positive and more enduring relationships with other people.

Our Mission

We're specialists in training people: online and in classrooms.
We use our expertise and experience to help people to improve their skills, boost their effectiveness and confidence in what they do
... and change their lives!
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