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Learn How to Stop Wasting Your Time

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Use our free, research-based test to see how you can stop wasting your time
Download your free personalised report and Action Plan to see how you did – and how to improve!

Want to manage your time better?

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How Can You Make More Use Of Your Time?

Are you frustrated by how easily time slips away? Do you get upset when things don't get done just because you run out of time?

Our free 3-Minute Time Management Test has been used by thousands of people to assess (anonymously) how they manage their time. Complete it and you can download an immediate and detailed report on the sort of mistakes you make – and how to fix them! It's fun, easy to do - and will show you where you may be wasting more time than you think!

Here's a great way to test your skills:

  • Anonymous - none of your details are stored!
  • Takes just 3 minutes with 15 research-backed multiple choice questions
  • AMAZINGLY accurate results
  • FREE personalised online report
  • Action Plan showing you how to IMPROVE!

We hope you find it as useful as thousands of others have done.

But this is important: you must answer these questions with what REALLY applies to you, not what you'd LIKE to be the case. Your report will be based solely on the answers you give, and no-one else needs to see it, so be completely truthful!


Scroll down the page: there are 15 questions that will appear as you mouse over them: just click to select the answer for each.

Don't worry if any scenario doesn't apply directly to you, just imagine yourself in an equivalent situation.

And remember:

  • Don't over-think it
  • If none apply, pick the closest match
  • Be honest
Have fun and we hope you find it useful!

However, if you don't have the time to answer the questions and would rather just read some helpful time management tips, take a look at our Time Management blog – but be sure to come back to this questionnaire later: the report you get at the end really is worthwhile!

Great Tips on Using the Test
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Question 1
How often is your day disrupted by people, or new jobs, interrupting your routine?
Not enough time for work
Very frequently, to the point where results can suffer
More than you'd like but that's the way it is
Quite regularly but you cope pretty well
Not often and at an easily manageable level
Question 2
In general, how long do jobs take you compared with what you expect?
Time taken for work
Less time, because you try to give yourself slack
About the same because you are a good planner
Longer because you get delayed or interrupted
Longer because, once started, you often over-commit
You don't think too much about it because things generally work out OK
Question 3
How do you plan what you want to achieve in a typical day?
Planning your day
You don't really plan your days
You create a prioritised To-Do list that forms the basis of what you do
You rarely start till you have thoroughly planned and prepared for the day
You only attempt the jobs you know you can do properly
You start with a mental plan but can often get pulled away from what you are doing
Question 4
You have far too much work to do and you are getting stressed, so what do you decide?
Multi tasking woman
You try to do as much as you can, even if some things don't get the attention they need
You grab a coffee with a friend to relieve the stress
You take a short break to decide which jobs need to be done, and which can wait
You continue working as normal, and whatever isn't finished today has to wait
You spend as much time on each job as they need, even if you overwork, so that everything gets done well
Question 5
You have been asked to attend an evening social event. You don't really have the time to spare but it would be a nice way to unwind, so what do you do?
Party time invitation
You agree to attend as you don't want to let anyone down, and promise yourself you will catch up with work at a later time
You turn down the invitation because you would rather stay on top of your work
You say you will let them know later, after you have decided what you can manage
Of course you will go! It wouldn't be like you to miss a social event. If work suffers a bit, that's OK
You set yourself a time to finish most of your tasks, and attend the event for a short while
Question 6
How often do you delay in starting a job, or deciding what to do?
Put off decision
Hardly ever
Now and again
Quite often
All the time
Question 7
It's early in the morning and you have a busy day ahead. How do you decide how to work?
Early in the morning
You don't have a set system: you tend to pick things to do as the day progresses
All your jobs need to be done, so you do them with equal effort, one by one
You prioritise the most important tasks and work through them in order
You prefer to start with the most interesting jobs to get you going
You try to multi-task because that's more productive
Question 8
You're in the middle of an important job when someone stops and interrupts you. What do you do?
Another interruption
You don't want to fall behind so you continue your work but try to listen to what the other person is saying at the same time
You find out what they want and how urgent it is, and decide whether to deal with it now or leave it for later
You politely let them know that you're busy and they should come back later
You stop working and talk because social interaction helps us all
You don't respond and hope they go away
Question 9
Someone asks you to do something but you're already working on another job which is quite urgent. What do you do?
Another task to do
You don't mind working on more than one thing at a time, so you try to do both jobs
You try to squeeze both tasks into your daily schedule, even if it puts you under pressure
You ask them to come back later
You explain that you can't do it at the moment as you're doing something else, but will see what you can do once this is done
You are likely to put off what you are doing so you can take on the new job
Question 10
Which one is MOST like you when replying to incoming emails?
Email landing
You don't use email
You have set times in the day when you check your emails and you always try to stick to them
You like to save time by combining multiple tasks, so you often check emails while on the phone or working on something else
You don't pay much attention to emails and aren't worried if you have a backlog
You try to answer each email as soon as it comes in
Question 11
What is your attitude to the quality of your work?
High quality of work
As long as you get it done, you're OK with it
Quality can suffer on occasions because of time pressures
You constantly juggle between good quality and the time you have
You try to do your best but this means you sometimes over-run
You always do the very best you can, and often take too long
Question 12
Today, everyone seems to be wanting too much from you. How do you handle it?
Work overload
You switch off and just do what you can in the time available
You reach a point where you say you can't take on any more
You re-assess what you can do in the time available
You try do get everything done even though you probably can't
You work through, completing every job to your best ability until time runs out
Question 13
You have not managed to do all you had planned, even though some of it is important. It is late afternoon, so what do you do?
Work not finished in time
Carry on until it is all finished, working late if needed
Decide to resume in the evening, although this may not happen
Try to finish the most important tasks, but do not to continue after that
Stop work and continue the next day
You pretty well always complete your work on time
Question 14
Which of these statements best describes you?
Multi tasking
You generally enjoy staying busy and can juggle many tasks and responsibilities at once
Sometimes distractions keep you from working on important tasks
You have very high standards and will make sure you do everything you can to the best of your ability
You tend to work best under pressure
You regularly prioritise jobs so that important things get done first
Question 15
You have been given two weeks to complete a job that you know will only take a few days. How do you deal with it?
Plenty of time for work
You start working on it as soon as possible and continue fine-tuning right until the deadline
You assess the project's importance and work it into your schedule
You start working on it alongside all your other tasks and aim to finish it by the deadline
You start on it early because you know you are likely to get side-tracked
You have plenty of time to finish it, so you leave it for later

Your Name (optional)  

NOTE: This will appear on your report and we won't save it, but you can leave it blank if you want to.

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