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What's the Difference Between the Course Options?

Fast Track course

You'll learn using an easy-to-follow video which you can pause, re-run and revisit as often as you like.
Course are often around two hours in length, but they're split into modules, and each has several topics. You can choose which module (or topic) to review at any time.
This course is for you if you want thorough coverage of the subject but have limited time at your disposal.

Development course

This is the most popular option because it includes the video, PLUS a comprehensive workbook, with exercises.
It allows you to engage fully with the course and get the most out of it: you will deepen your study enormously by choosing this option.
This course is for you if you're serious about your development and don't need a CPD certificate.

Diploma course

This includes the Fast Track video course, PLUS a CPD certificate.
It's ideal for people who want to learn the subject to an adequate level and achieve a CPD certificate but don't need to go further.
This course is for you if you need a CPD certificate as part of your professional development, or you'd like one to put with your CV.

Professional course

Here's where you get everything: the video course, PLUS a comprehensive workbook, with exercises, PLUS a CPD certificate.
So you win both ways: a great opportunity to really learn, and an internationally recognised certificate.
This course is for you if you're serious about your development, and you'd also like to show proof that you have invested in the skills.

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Fast Track option
Easy-to-follow video course
Development option
Video course PLUS Workbook & Exercises
Diploma option
Video course PLUS CPD Certificate
Professional option
Video course PLUS Workbook & Exercises PLUS CPD Certificate

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Microsoft Visio Introduction
Microsoft Visio Advanced

Fast Track option
Easy-to-follow video course
    $19.00     $198.00

Development option
Video course PLUS Workbook & Exercises
    $29.00     $258.00

Diploma option
Video course PLUS CPD Certificate
    $38.00     $298.00

Professional option
Video course PLUS Workbook & Exercises PLUS CPD Certificate
    $48.00     $338.00

CPD Certified Visio introduction Course

A premier Microsoft Visio training course from ZandaX

Introducing Microsoft Visio
Working with Shapes and Stencils
Controlling Shapes
Working with Text
Linking Objects
Flowcharts and Process Diagrams
Finishing your Diagram
Organization Charts

Who is our Microsoft Visio Introduction course for?

Start Creating Professional Diagrams Using Visio

This easy to follow course is for new users to Microsoft Visio who want to create professional diagrams in the shortest possible time.

It's also a great course if you use Visio, but want to refresh your skills using best practice.

You don't need any experience with Visio, but you do need to know the basics of using a PC with a Windows operating system.

This microsoft visio skills training course, like all our courses, has been developed over many years of classroom delivery.   Content has been thoroughly researched and is constantly updated so it's always leading edge.   It's delivered by professional presenters and is full of practical knowledge and solutions.

Still wondering whether to do the course?
Just think about this: how much would your life benefit if you had better microsoft visio skills?

See What the Course Covers!

Click the video for a quick overview

Grab Our Special Launch Offer ...

$10.00   $99.00   90% off
CPD accredited course

CPD Certified Course

This means that not only has it been rigorously assessed in terms of content and quality, but there are options to get an official CPD certificate to keep.

And You Get a Free Workbook ...

The CPD certificate you get with the Diploma and Professional course options will be your proof of where you are.

How about fulfilling your full potential?

Choose the Development or Professional course option and get your own great, results-focused downloadable workbook.

The workbook features:

  • Demonstrations of how to do each lesson
  • Space for your own notes alongside the lessons
  • Skill Sharpeners to practice and hone your skills
  • Downloadable exercise files for you to practice on

Courses Frequently Bought Together

These courses are frequently purchased together.
Add them both to your cart now to get a FURTHER 10% off the second course!
Includes Working with Shapes and Stencils, Text, Flowcharts, Diagrams & Organization Charts
... and more
(This Course)
FROM   $10.00   $99.00
Includes Customizing Shapes & Stencils, Designing Styles & Templates, Floor Plans, Automation
... and more
FROM  $9.00   $99.00
Full price: $198.00
Offer price: $19.00
FROM  $19.00

Curriculum for the Microsoft Visio Introduction Course

Introducing Microsoft Visio

- The Visio Interface
- The Quick Access Toolbar
- Customizing the Ribbon
- Using Task Panes

Working with Shapes and Stencils

- Working with Stencils
- Adding and Resizing Shapes
- Formatting Shapes

Controlling Shapes

- Align and Distribute
- Grouping and Ordering Shapes
- Shape Numbering

Working with Text

- Adding Text to Shapes
- The Text Block Tool
- Freestanding Text Blocks

Linking Objects

- Linking Shapes
- Connector Tool and Autoconnect
- Connection Points Tool

Flowcharts and Process Diagrams

- Basic Flowcharts
- Cross-Functional Flowcharts
- Work Flow Diagrams

Finishing your Diagram

- Backgrounds
- Borders and Titles
- Themes

Organization Charts

- Adding Organisation Chart Shapes
- Chart Layout
- Customizing the Chart

Grab Our Special Launch Offer ...

$10.00   $99.00   90% off

About the ZandaX Microsoft Visio Introduction Course

A Fantastic Grounding in Using Microsoft Visio

Microsoft Visio is probably the most popular application for creating diagrams for use in flowcharts, decision diagrams, plans and network schemes. It doesn't only make these jobs easier, but it greatly improves the quality of what you produce.

Our course starts from the beginning, by introducing Visio to you, then covering the four building bricks of all Visio diagrams: shapes, stencils, text and objects.

We show you how to finish your diagrams, and how to create three of the most popular types of diagrams: flowcharts, process diagrams and organization charts.

You then will have a solid base for using Visio to create high quality diagrams that enhance your documents and presentations.

Watch the modules, revisit them time and again ...
and have fun with improving your skills!

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