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As a leading source of premium online courses we're always keen to spread the ZandaX message, and want quality partners to join us.

Our Courses are the BEST...

  • Support from HUMANS not ROBOTS
    • We use AI for internal work, but NEVER to deal with customers
    • Every inquiry is handled by a person, not an automated bot!
  • Quality Content
    • Concise, yet informative, fun and to-the-point courses
    • Combine video with interactive on-screen content
    • All courses written by experts with real life experience
  • Great Prices
    • We don't charge a premium for being the best!
    • And a generous revenue share protects your earnings
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What We Offer You...

  • Big Commissions Up To 50%
    • ZandaX courses carry a 50% revenue share
    • Partner courses carry a 15% revenue share
    • Fast payment: within 14 days of month end
    • No minimum payout: $5 or $5,000 gets paid
    • Management console where you can monitor your sales

What We Need From You...

  • Commitment, Loyalty and Trust
    • There are NO prerequisites
    • NO minimum business levels
    • You don't need to be a "big player" with a fancy website
    • You just need to sign up, play by the rules and do your best!

What Our Affiliates Say...

"Been an affiliate marketer for a while now, always looking for that next program that lets me level up my income. Zandax totally fits the bill. Their courses are packed with value, and promoting them is a breeze.

The support they offer is killer, too. They've got your back with everything from images and copy to someone to talk to if you get stuck in the rain. The experience is awesome – super motivating and financially rewarding, which is what it's all about.

Basically, if you're looking to make a real difference and bring home some serious cash, Zandax's affiliate program is the way to go. They're friendly, helpful, professional, and legit. Highly recommend checking them out."

Sandy G, Seattle USA

review score of 5.0

"I've been an affiliate for Zandax courses over a year now, and let me tell you, it's been brilliant! Selling their stuff is easy – top-notch courses, a slick website, and prices that make sense.

And the 50% revenue share is amazing! No wonder my income's gone up, especially with people coming back for more!

Even better, I hear back from happy customers about how the courses have helped them – which reflects well on me, too! Zandax's program is a winner – I make a good living while promoting fantastic products."

Peter J, London England

review score of 5.0

"Joining the Zandax affiliate program blew my expectations! I'm very much used to promises made by other platforms that turn out to be unfulfilled. We've all been there, right? Those other platforms? Empty promises and zero in your pocket.

How many hours wasted on those schemes? Don't even get me started.

Now? I'm pulling in good money, even on those off months we all get. And guess what? Zandax pays on time, every time, no questions asked.

Zandax is the only way to go!"

Tomasz K, Katowice Poland

review score of 5.0

How To Do It

  • Complete a simple sign-up form
  • We provide you with your code (e.g. ?zxr=1A2B3C)
  • You simply add this to the URL of any link to the ZandaX website
  • Your link can be on a web page, in an email or a social media post
  • Our server picks up the code and assigns that person to you
  • You can also sell using offline methods e.g. telephone or snail mail
  • Download the Information Pack for full details
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      150+ courses to sell!
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