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Effective Communication Skills
Effective Time Management

Fast Track course
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Development Plan course
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CPD Certified Diploma course
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CPD Certified Diploma course & Development Plan
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Online Communication Skills Course

A premier Communication online training course from ZandaX

Improve your communications for the results you want
with our great, easy-to-follow online course

How Communication Works
Face-to-Face Communication
Telephone Communication
Written Communication
Questioning and Listening Skills
How to be an Effective Communicator
Overcoming Communication Problems
Getting Better Outcomes

Who is our Effective Communication Skills course for?

We All Need Great Communications for a Happy Life!

Look at it the other way: bad communications create confusion.   People have to guess what you want – and often guess wrong.   If that upsets you, think of how they feel!

We all need this course.   It's the most popular course we deliver – and no wonder.

By fixing problems with the way we communicate, we make our lives – and our relationships – run more smoothly.   Everyone (including ourselves!) becomes more relaxed and things get done more efficiently.   And the end results are usually a whole lot better too.

If you think that a communication skills course won't make you happier, then you should give this one a try...

This communication skills training course, like all our courses, has been developed over many years of classroom delivery.   Content has been thoroughly researched and is constantly updated so it's always leading edge.   It's delivered by professional presenters and is full of practical knowledge and solutions.

Still wondering whether to do the course?
Just think about this: how much would your life benefit if you had better communication skills?

Watch the Video!

CPD accredited course

CPD certified course

This means that not only has it been rigorously assessed in terms of content and quality, but there are options to get a CPD Certification certificate to keep.

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Includes Types of Communication, Questioning & Listening, Being Effective, Overcoming Problems
... and more
(This Course)
$7.00   $99.00
Includes Prioritising, Time Robbers, Planning, The Four Ds, Delegation, SMART Goals, Time Mapping
... and more
$6.00   $99.00
Full price: $198.00
Offer price: $13.00
$13 .00
Your Free Workbook and Personal Action Plan

Our official CPD certificate shows the quality of the course.
How about fulfilling your full potential?
Buy the Development Plan course and get your own great, results-focused downloadable workbook.

The workbook features:

  • Summary notes of the course to refer to as you go
  • Space for your own notes alongside the summaries
  • Apply the lessons in each module to your own situation and experience
  • A Personal Action Plan for you to set your objectives
  • Four structured Follow Up Sessions for you to monitor and manage your progress
  • A final Review Session for you to take a look at just how far you have come!
Curriculum for the Effective Communication Skills Course

How Communication Works

- Influence or Persuade?
- Identifying and Adjusting your Communication Style
- Five Communication Styles
- The 6 Cs of Communication
- The Four-Step Cycle of Communication
- The Dynamics of Communication
- Communication is a Two-Way Street

Face-to-Face Communication

- First Impressions
- Appearance
- On the Front Foot: Being Positive
- Using the Right Words
- The Three Components of Communication
- Body Language and Non-Verbal Messages

Telephone Communication

- Overcoming the Challenges of Telephone Communication
- Improving Telephone Communication
- Factors of Voice
- Advantages of Telephone Communication
- Disadvantages of Telephone Communication

Written Communication

- Quick Tips for Types of Messages
- The Power of Words
- Right First Time
- Keep it Concise
- Address your target
- Keep it Simple
- Your Three Stage Structure

Questioning and Listening Skills

- Verbal Signs of Active Listening
- Non-Verbal Signs of Active Listening
- Active Listening
- The Five Levels of Listening
- How Asking Question Helps You
- Open and Closed Questions
- The Funnel

How to be an Effective Communicator

- Your Level of Understanding
- Dismantling your Assumptions
- Prejudices
- Your Preconceptions: Stereotyping
- Your History & Experiences
- Asking for Feedback
- How to Find Out What Others Think About You
- Is your Self-Image Correct?
- Getting your Self-Image Right
- The Wheel of Communication

Overcoming Communication Problems

- Four Tips for Delivering Difficult Messages
- Delivering Difficult Messages
- Dealing With Conflict
- Dealing With Opposition
- Barriers to Communication
- Why Communication Goes Wrong

Getting Better Outcomes

- Best Practices For Communicating Effectively
- Timing: What's Best For Them
- The Effect of Location
- Intimidation
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About the Effective Communication Skills Course

Supercharge Your Communications - and Your Life

So many of the problems that we experience in life, whether at work or in our private lives, can be traced back to poor communication.

And the reverse is true too. When things go well, without any mishaps, isn't that down to when things were communicated well?

Learning how to communicate effectively will see you achieving far more in your life, as more things go according to plan, and fewer things go wrong.

Move away from some basic errors that you may be making, become a much better communicator, and see more of your life work out the way you want it to!

Watch the modules, revisit them time and again ...
and have fun with improving your skills!

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