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Upgrade your Microsoft Outlook skills with ZandaX

Great online video tutorials for users of Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook Introduction

Organize Your Working Life With Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is so much more than an email tool ...

It's true that most people who send and receive emails use Outlook to manage them. But there are more tools that help you manage what you do, and to integrate this with your email communications.

You'll learn about organizing your emails into folders, about using Contacts to organize your connections, Task Lists to remind you of things you need to do, and the Calendar to schedule appointments.

And we don't just show you the tools, we show you the "best practice" ways of using them, so you can be sure that you will be using Outlook in the most effective way possible.

Microsoft Outlook Introduction

Getting More out of Using Microsoft Outlook

Most people only use a small part of what Outlook can do. They'll use it for email, but then use other software to do things that Outlook can do anyway.

So our course teaches you how to use Outlook properly. Yes, it fully covers email: sending, receiving and organizing your mail into folders, and creating automated rules.

But it also shows you how to use Outlook's Calendar as a diary and as a schedule of meetings. We show you how to use the Tasks folder. And you'll learn how to use the Contacts folder so all this information is together in one secure place.

You will now have a great foundation for using Outlook to not only communicate using email, but also to organize much of your life!

How Our Microsoft Outlook Courses Will Benefit You

Become an Email and Workflow Master

Who doesn't use email? OK, hardly anyone. But who knows how to organize it properly, and use other tools to structure how they work? That's less obvious.

Our course takes you right through the basics, on to setting up, managing and using Folders, Contacts, Tasks and the Calendar.

If you thought that Outlook was just about emails, this course will show you just how unbelievably useful it can be.

You have total flexibility ... you can work through all the course content so you have a thorough knowledge from start to finish. Or treat the content as your "library" - to refer to and learn as you need.

Either way, you'l find all our courses easy to watch and available 24/7 to upgrade your skills.

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