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Upgrade your Microsoft Word skills with ZandaX

Great online video tutorials for users of Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word Introduction
Microsoft Word Intermediate
Microsoft Word Advanced

Use Word to Create Professional Documents

Who hasn't used Microsoft Word?

Everybody knows how to use it, but using it properly, or to best effect, is a different matter.

And you don't need to learn much to make a real difference to how you work. Just knowing what's available on the Ribbon can greatly enhance speed and the quality of work. Moving on, learning how to run a Mail merge could transform your productivity. And when you move on to advanced formatting, data tables and charts, your work will progress to a new level.

So what would you like to do? Continue as you are, making the most of what you know, or learn best practice, short cuts and transformative new skills?

CPD accredited courses

CPD certified courses

The CPD mark of approval means that not only have our courses been rigorously assessed in terms of content and quality, but they come with a FREE CPD Certification certificate for you to keep.

Microsoft Word Introduction

A Strong Foundation in Utilizing Word Properly

So many people take Microsoft Word for granted. They simply open it up, and get started. Then they struggle with basic mistakes, and take too long to do the simplest things.

Our course teaches you how to get started, understand the interface, and how to use and customize the tabs.

We then show you how to create and save your own documents, and work with text, before ending on how to view and print your work properly.

By the end of the course you'll have a great grounding in how to use Word quickly, effectively and professionally.

Microsoft Word Intermediate

Getting Your Documents to Do You Justice

For many people, the documents they create in Microsoft Word are going to be seen by others. Regardless of whether you're creating them on behalf of an organization, or for yourself to send to other people, you want them to be as high quality as possible.

This course looks first at how to manage your documents, before moving on to how to make them look professional by using formatting, headers and footers, pictures and shapes.

It then shows you how to perform a mail merge for when you need to send a document out in bulk.

By the end of this course, you'll be able to use Word to an impressive standard.

Microsoft Word Advanced

Create Documents That Truly Impress

One of the key elements of producing documents is to know how to provide what the people who read them expect to see. So we teach you how to use advanced features of Word to add those key elements.

Our course also teaches you how to collaborate with others by tracking changes, using comments to guide others, and combine multiple versions into one document.

From there, you'll learn how to add all the elements that readers of reports, assignments etc are expecting, including reference tools like a table of contents, bibliographies, tables, charts, equations and other kinds of graphics.

You will then be a truly professional creator of documents!

How Our Microsoft Word Courses Will Benefit You

Become a Word Processing Expert

Microsoft Word is the software package where most users are self-taught improvisers.

Sure, your documents may look OK at first glance, but how well do you know the tools that are available to improve the quality and speed of your work?

With our courses, you'll learn about formatting and using styles, adding charts, pictures and tables ... and how using Mail Merge will enable you to send bulk communications with a minimum of setup. Everything you do will be more structured, productive ... and easier too.

You have total flexibility ... you can work through all the course content so you have a thorough knowledge from start to finish. Or treat the content as your "library" - to refer to and learn as you need.

Either way, you'l find all our courses easy to watch and available 24/7 to upgrade your skills.

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