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Boost Your Microsoft Skills

With ZandaX, you can build and hone your skills in some of the most important courses out there today.

We give you training in Microsoft Excel, Access, Powerpoint, Word, Project and more.

You don't need to look any further for Microsoft desktop software training now that you've found us!

Microsoft Access

Introduction, Intermediate and Advanced courses show you how to use the powerful features of Access

Microsoft Access is flexible, powerful, and easy to use -- if you know how it works! And if you do, it will make a huge difference to how you use and present your data.

Some of the screens resemble those in Microsoft Excel, but the ability to create reports, forms and query results takes you to a whole new level.

Our Microsoft Access training courses take you through from the basics to high-performance, automated applications. So whether you have no experience, or you're an advanced user wanting a refresher, these courses will give you the training you want.

Microsoft Excel

Increase what you can do with Excel, and how productive you are, with courses at Introduction, Intermediate and Advanced level

Microsoft Excel is used by pretty well anyone who looks at data: whether it's summarizing sales figures or producing a business plan at work, or managing subscriptions or events for your social club.

And if you want to supercharge your Excel skills, you need look no further than the courses we provide.

We offer four courses, from Introduction level for new users, through Intermediate and Advanced to Professional, so you can take your Excel skills to the highest level.

Microsoft Outlook

The Introduction course isn't just about email: learn how to be more productive with Folders, Contacts, Tasks and the Calendar

Microsoft Outlook is so much more than an email tool ...

It's true that most people who send and receive emails use Outlook to manage them. But there are more tools that help you manage what you do, and to integrate this with your email communications.

You'll learn about organizing your emails into folders, about using Contacts to organize your connections, Task Lists to remind you of things you need to do, and the Calendar to schedule appointments.

And we don't just show you the tools, we show you the "best practice" ways of using them, so you can be sure that you will be using Outlook in the most effective way possible.

Microsoft Powerpoint

With Introduction and Advanced courses, learn how to set up powerful, attractive presentations

Microsoft Powerpoint is the de facto standard in presentation software.

With just two comprehensive courses, we take you from total beginner to professional, and give you the expertise to create presentations that carry authority and are attractive, entertaining and effective.

In the first course, we show you the basics of the interface, and how to create, format and enhance basic presentations. In the second, we move on to managing files, adding pictures, tables, charts and multimedia, and creating advanced shows.

When you've finished our courses, you'll be able to create presentations that have a level of impact which will not just support what you say, but add a new dimension of professionalism to it.

Microsoft Project

Introduction and Advanced courses show you how to manage your projects easily and effectively

Microsoft Project is the popular, easy-to-use and flexible choice for project managers in a huge variety of industries and situations.

The amazing thing is, we cover all you need to know to achieve solid competence in just two courses. At Introduction level, you will learn to create a project plan, add and assign resources, format the plan, and track progress. At Advanced level, you move on to importing & exporting data, using advanced resource assignment, customising Microsoft Project, working with multiple projects and creating reports.

Through all of this, we teach you the "right" way, to follow the correct rules and avoid common pitfalls. You will be confident of delivering your projects on time and on budget.

Microsoft Visio

At Introduction and Advanced level, learn how to create a huge array of diagrams, flow charts & plans

Microsoft Visio is a high-end but easy-to-use application that you can use to create a multitude of types of diagrams for integration or stand-alone use.

Whether you're new to the software, or just want to improve your existing skills, our two courses will show you how to get the most out of Visio.

Our Introduction course shows you how to work with Shapes, Stencils, Text and Objects; to create flowcharts, process diagrams and organization charts. In the Advanced course, you'll move on to customizing Shapes and Stencils, designing Styles and Templates, creating Floor Plans and automating Visio tasks.

After you've completed our courses, your new skills will enable you to transform complex processes into easily-understood visuals in the shortest possible time.

Microsoft Word

With Introduction, Intermediate and Advanced courses, learn how to create, format, edit and enhance your documents

Who hasn't used Microsoft Word?

Everybody knows how to use it, but using it properly, or to best effect, is a different matter.

And you don't need to learn much to make a real difference to how you work. Just knowing what's available on the Ribbon can greatly enhance speed and the quality of work. Moving on, learning how to run a Mail merge could transform your productivity. And when you move on to advanced formatting, data tables and charts, your work will progress to a new level.

So what would you like to do? Continue as you are, making the most of what you know, or learn best practice, short cuts and transformative new skills?

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