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To celebrate the relaunch, we're giving discounts of up to 83% for a short period.

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This means that for the offer period, every course has a hefty discount!
Yes, every course, so feel free to browse the site and see for yourself.

As a taster, here are some of our top sellers.
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Fast Track Courses

Prices just $12.99 (RRP $99)

  ★     Creating and Leading High-Performance Teams (New launch)

  ★     Conflict Management & Resolution (New launch)

  ★     The New Manager: Making the Transition

  ★     Managing Difficult Employees

  ★     Time Management for Managers

  ★     Setting Up Your Sales Team

  ★     Fixing Your Communication Problems

Master Classes

These courses consist of four related Fast Track courses.
Offer prices are an amazing $24.99 (RRP $149)

  ★     Effective Communication Skills Master Class

  ★     Sales Management Master Class

Microsoft Software

We have a comprehensive range of courses to cover all the main Microsoft applications:
That's Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, Project and more.   See full details

Microsoft Excel 365 (2121): priced at $22.99 (RRP $59).
Microsoft Excel 2103/16 "Crash Courses": priced at just $8.99 (RRP $49).

  ★     See our Excel courses

Microsoft Word 365 (2019): priced at $22.99 (RRP $59).
Microsoft Word 2103/16 "Crash Courses": priced at just $8.99 (RRP $49).

  ★     See our MS Word courses

Microsoft Project 2019: priced at $22.99 (RRP $59).
Microsoft Project 2013 "Crash Courses": priced at just $8.99 (RRP $49).

  ★     See our MS Project courses

Take a good look: These are the biggest discounts we've ever offered, and they won't be around for too long, so if you're interested, we'd love to hear from you!

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